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Knock-Offs & Northern Sun Sunglasses Unit (200 pc)

Unlike other sunglass companies, Black Mountain Traders will not sacrafice quality when it comes to offering the consumer better pricing. Our lenses are 100% UVA-400&UVB-400 reliant. Our sunglasses are not last years news or relics from decades past. WE ARE CURRENT!!! We discontinue 300 styles per year replacing them with years hottest styles. With hundreds of styles available your customers are sure to find the look that works for them.


Our Sunglasses arrive pre-priced and divided into two different Brands and Price Points.

'Knock-Offs' offer your customers current styles and leading designs at a fraction of the cost of leading designers and brands. Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and Armani sell for hundreds of dollars. Knock-Offs offer the same look of theses leading designers without the expensive prices (retailing for only $19.99). Every pair comes pre-priced and UPC bar-coded.


'Northern Sun' are 100% UVA-400&UVB-400 reliant.  Popular styles and quality lenses, Northern Sun glasses are priced aggressively focusing on value of purchase.


The Package Includes:

* 100 Pair of "Knock-Offs" Sunglasses

* 100 Pair of 'Northern Sun" Sunglasses

** All lenses arrive pre-priced and ready to be displayed.



Disclaimer: Although our Wholesale Sunglasses are comparable in style and quality, they are notthe authentic or genuine brand name sunglasses. Our wholesale sunglasses are inspired by and comparable to the designer brand sunglasses. “Black Mountain Traders, Inc.” & “Knock-Offs” are in no way affiliated to, representing or associated with Abercrombie Sunglasses ©, Adidas Sunglasses ©, American Eagle wholesale Sunglasses ©, Armani Sunglasses ©, Arnette Sunglasses ©, Big Dogs Sunglasses ©, Black Fly Sunglasses ©, Bolle Sunglasses ©, Brighton Sunglasses ©, Calvin Klein Sunglasses ©, Chloe Sunglasses ©, Choppers Sunglasses ©, Diesel Sunglasses ©, Dkny Sunglasses ©, Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses ©, D & G Sunglasses ©, Easy Rider Sunglasses ©, Ecko wholesale Sunglasses ©, Eddie Bauer Sunglasses ©, Escada Sunglasses ©, Fendi Sunglasses ©, Fossil Fox Sunglasses ©, Gargoyles Sunglasses ©, Givenchy Sunglasses ©, Gucci Sunglasses ©, Guess wholesale Sunglasses ©, Harley Davidson Sunglasses ©, Hollister Sunglasses ©, Kenneth Cole Sunglasses ©, Killer Loop Sunglasses ©, L.E.I. Sunglasses ©, Liz Claiborne Sunglasses ©, Maui Jim Sunglasses ©, M.U.D.D. Sunglasses ©, Maui Jim Sunglasses ©, Mossimo Sunglasses ©, Nascar Sunglasses ©, Nine West Sunglasses ©, OCC wholesale Sunglasses ©, Old Navy Sunglasses ©, Police Sunglasses ©, Polo Sunglasses ©, Porsche Carrera Sunglasses ©, Prada Sunglasses ©, Rave Sunglasses ©, Reebok Sunglasses ©,  RetroWear Sunglasses ©, Revo Sunglasses ©, Sama Sunglasses ©, Sea-Doo Sunglasses ©, Serengetti Sunglasses ©, Sizzler's Sunglasses ©, Southern Steel Sunglasses ©, Spy Sunglasses ©, Stussy Sunglasses ©, Vans Sunglasses ©, Versace Sunglasses ©, Viper Sunglasses ©, Von Dutch Sunglasses ©, WCC Sunglasses ©, Xtreme Sunglasses © or any other mentioned name brands or their products. We do not represent our Wholesale sunglasses to be original nor do we represent that they are exact copies, therefore they do not violate any copyright laws. We simply ask consumers to compare price of the above mentioned name brands to ours. Any reference to brand names or "compare to" are made strictly for comparison.


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